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Continuing on The Fragility of Self Worth

There's a lot to do on this quilt yet. When I started it, I knew exactly where I was going with it, and unfortunately revisiting it quite a while later I find my thoughts have changed a bit. I do want to finish it and will do my best to let it grow and reflect some changes.

Being me, I have decided to be re-energised by quilting just as the weather here in the UK has decided to warm up. Today we're forecast 35-38C which is probably not the best of times to be sitting under a thick and very large quilt!! Such is my life.😅

If you're easily upset you might not want to read this bit, but in my research I have found lots of things that people do to themselves - some I will keep to myself, but tongue splitting is more common than you'd think and more so in the States than here. Not sure why of course, and you can see by the word "Tribes" underneath, that a feeling of being different or standing apart, yet still within a group, might form part of the reasoning.

I do also remember reading something recently that the person doing this procedure had been found guilty of abuse - something I'll look into.

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  1. WOW! No other words from me! But then, I still don't understand tattoo's!