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Feeling Lonely?!

I've decided that if I'm ever feeling a bit lonely or at a loss about what to do next, I shall do what I did unwittingly yesterday and put on my black trousers and wear a black tee shirt; then I'll put my glasses on a string around my neck and go into Marks and Spencer for a bit of shopping.Whether you choose to browse whilst there, idly thumbing through the bras or shoes, or just stand quietly looking around the shop floor, people will come up to you and ask you really interesting things, like, "Where's the men's socks please?", or "Do you have this shirt in a size 12 in white?" or even rather horrifically, could you fit me for a bra please?".  I leave it up to you how involved in the conversations you wish to be. Isn't life a blast?

(Apparently M&S uniform is black trousers, black tee shirt and a thing around the neck).

Chocolate Orange Cake


  1. This made me laugh so much - thanks! That cake looks delish. I have found that I am a magnet for the those older than me (my parents age). I guess I remind them of their children. It starts off innocent enough by me offering to help them reach a box or lift a heavy bag. 10 minutes later I know how many grandchildren they have and their ailments. My husband often wonders why a trip to pick up eggs takes an hour. LOL!

    1. You couldn't make it up could you?!! So funny.