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The title of work is so important

If you watch the Portrait Artist 2019, you'll know that every entrant has a different and unique way of painting portraits. It's my idea of hell to be stuck in front of a crowd painting a portrait in just 4 hours but I'm glad others don't mind, as I find it fascinating viewing! My portraits build in gentle layers so don't look much at the start.

As you'll know from the last couple of posts I've got to work again on quilts. Yesterday I began to put in some base colours for The Final Vision. I'm thinking of changing the name to Like Mother Like Daughter, simply because this is no longer the final vision I have of my mother.  I have a confession to make here; as I was sitting next to mum when she was really ill, I took some photos mainly to send to family members as they wanted regular updates. As things got worse I stopped sending, but kept them- I felt that they would have been too upsetting for others. The artist in me recognized they would have made amazing paintings, but I deleted them all after she died, as I felt it would be rather crass to use my mother in this way. I know other artists don't think the same as I've looked at many paintings and depictions of death, but it just seemed wrong to me.

I have also applied for a gallery at FoQ for 2021 and submitted the necessary form and images, but don't know if I'll get one. To be fair I don't have a lot of evidence of work over the last 2 years! They have asked me to give regular updates on finished work, so I guess that's kind of a yes, but also not a commitment! I'll give it a go and see where I end up. I wanted to have a goal to work to - only an exhibition is likely to work for me as I'm quite conscientious and the timing would keep me on track! 


  1. As I am still at the stick figure level of drawing, portraits are completely foreign to me. Even so, I have been binge watching the competition. The variety of techniques and media is amazing. To complete a portrait in 4 hours and in public - not in my lifetime. Ha! I am so sorry for your loss. I was my Dad's caregiver for his last 7 months, so I can understand wanting to share with family, but also not wanting to shock them. I also wanted to preserve Dad's dignity as much as I could. Your quilt is going to be wonderful. As I aged I used to see my Mom's face looking back at me in the mirror and now it is my Gram's. I know where the jowls and baggy eyes come from. Wishing you luck in getting into FoQ. I have every confidence that you'll be there.

  2. Yes, I feel I'm gradually turning into my mother which is kind of the point of the piece really - you'd have to ask my daughter how she feels about the possibility of turning into me though!