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A start with pastels

An introduction to pastels - Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum £18 for 3.5 hours

Definitely recommend this one - a gentle start to a new medium. All materials provided for the price plus tea and coffee. One teacher and one helper so lots of attention!

How lovely to able to wander down to the local art gallery and spend a couple of hours pootling around learning new artistic things. Do check out your own nearby gallery and see if they have any courses you can join in. Today's course was very gentle and a nice introduction to pastels - I have used oils before but not really the chalky ones.

I'd be lying if I said I came away with an amazing piece of work ready to hang!! It wasn't the point. I spent a little while just playing with the pastels and papers provided and started with oil pastels and drew from life - a collection of fruit and veg, bottles, teapots etc.

Rather bright blue paper but it made a good contrast to the reds, oranges and greens. Part of the pastel thing is that you choose a colour paper as a ground - it could be mid tone, dark or lights and you can base your colours around that. I tried white paper with the chalk pastels and should have gone for a colour as it would have made life easier and been more dramatic.

Oil pastel sketches of veg. Very quick and I used a blending tool made of paper to put in some scratches.

The chalk pastels weren't as vibrant, though I guess if you paid for top quality pastels, they would hold more pigment than my cheapies from that well known High Street crafty shop.  I stood up for this one and used an easel - always easier for me to see - and made a start. I didn't get far as I ran out of time, but you may be able to make out where I was going!


  1. I wish we had a gallery, especially one that offered classes. Your drawings are wonderful especially given the short time allotted. Have fun experimenting. My perspective is that the more I expose myself to new things, the less chance of me becoming a doddering fool, or so I hope.

    1. Yes, I think we could all agree with the sentiments about avoiding dodderiness! I think it's important to pack life with as many pleasant experiences as possible and to stretch the mind a bit if you can.

  2. I love the second one -- the "unfinishedness" of it adds to its charm!