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Pattern Drafting

If you've tuned in to learn more about pattern drafting, could you give me a few days and visit again???  I'm off on a two day course to find out more and will let you know what it all involves when I've found out for myself.

I know I have to wear tight fitting clothes and be prepared to spend a long time measuring myself in lots of detail, but not sure why that takes 2 days yet.

The idea is to be able to draft my own patterns for tops that will fit me really well, as the commercial ones don't always allow for my shape.

The piece I'm working on is coming along well I think but I've decided to do more stitching before painting. It's an odd one and I keep telling myself to stop fussing and just get on with it, but I'm not quite sure I know where I'm going with it! At least I seem to have landed on a name, Descending... not only in age and health but as an explanation of the slightly odd composition.

The fabric on the two younger bodies has been painted and sewn on in strips to provide texture - I could have done it as one piece but I wasn't quite sure where I was going and at the time it seemed like a good idea. I shall now stitch these heavily before painting - possibly gesso to add more texture - and then shades of Paynes Grey. Mum's quilt will be knocked back quite a bit to tone it down. Then I can paint the portraits, which I want to pop out of the background and be the focus.

It's possible that foq isn't going to be for me - I've been thinking it over - but if not, I'll still try and go ahead with some kind of exhibition, somewhere. Wish me luck!

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