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The dreaded FB and a pastels course.

Just to let you know that Facebook have allowed me back again - had to be reviewed twice - but if you'd like to catch up with me and life in general then I'm on a brand new page called The Life and Times of A Rainbow, and there's a link in the sidebar. Thank you!

In my quest for new things, I'm off on another course tomorrow - using chalk pastels. I'm not generally a fan as I find they ever-so-slightly put my teeth on edge! Still if you don't try, you'll never know. I will of course be posting picks afterwards. I've very happily used oil pastels before however.

Bikes and Kites - one of my first pictures in oil pastel.


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    1. Thanks Robbie! It's a real oldie but I remember having fun doing it x

  2. Your Bikes & kites is fantastic! FB sure is fickle. I really wish there was a better platform. I see things a week or more after they were posted.

    1. FB has caused me no end of trouble but I still keep trying though I'm not always sure why - I must be mad. Thank you for sticking with me through all the morphing!