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The Quilt as a Canvas and designing a Kimono top

Progress continues on Descending. I needed more stitch - the piece didn't, but I did! Purely instinctive. I've a bit more to do as you can see, but then I will start the painting of it all.

Moving on from The Life Story quilts, I think my collection of new pieces will be The Quilt as a Canvas. If you cast your mind back a year or so ago, you may remember that this was a title I gave to a proposed exhibition I wanted to do with others but at the time I couldn't get a gallery interested, and other things in life also took over. Time to start again.

Having gone on a course to learn the basics of making a pattern block for clothes, I've been buying some equipment. First of all this book:

It explains the process and is jammed full of blocks you can draft for yourself. Once you've got a grasp of what you're doing, then the instructions are quite straight forward.  However, if I'd have seen this book before my pattern cutting course, I wouldn't have bought it because it looks so complicated!!

Here's the drafted pattern pieces, and the beginnings of the toile. Something this loose doesn't really need a fitting, but I think I will alter the neck line and make it a bit longer.

If you go to the trouble of drafting yourself a pattern, you deserve a treat of some really nice fabric - it's what I'm telling myself to justify a bit of hand printed silk from Beckford Mill

I'll post again with the finished photo! (She says hopefully)

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  1. I love the fabric you have chosen. Just think of the money you save drafting your own pattern that can e applied to the cost of the cloth.