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When couture meets quilts

A week or so ago, I had a meeting with Lee. He was the tutor for the Pattern Drafting course (see previous posting)

Lee is a fashion designer from Nottingham who wants to create a new collection for a year/18months time, to launch at Fashions Finest  during Fashion Week, in London. After his degree Lee spent time at the atelier of Victoria Beckham. It's a world that delights and inspires him, but is completely new to me!

However, we do have something in common - the love of making stories with a kick.

Over the 2 day duration of the course, I naturally chatted a bit with my fellow students, and my love of textiles sneaked out at some point. Lee took a look and liked the style of them and ended up suggesting that we work together on his collection.

Although at that point Lee only had ideas of where he wanted to go, he was keen to get started and involve me in the process as much as possible, so we met up for a brainstorm a couple of days later. Obviously designing clothes and making them is entirely for him to do, but I am going to try and help with the drawings and stitched and quilted fabrics he wants to use in the collection. Although he wants the pieces to be fun, he also likes the juxtaposition of real and sometimes darker meaning.

So, stay tuned!  We will start a blog before long and I will also post here about it all. The collection name will probably be The Rabbit and the Rainbow. (Lee is the rabbit, and guess what? I am the Rainbow!)


  1. How exciting! I am thrilled for you. I can't wait to see what happens. Have fun exploring a new textile world. (Love the name!)

  2. Fabulous, I'm so excited about this for you! Can't wait to see what happens. xx

    1. Hello Laura!!!Thank you xx Ach it's kind of good to try new things and be lifted out of my usual approach. We'll have to see how things evolve really but I'm quite excited to start something new. Nice to get a zhoosh. It also made me think that I might make those old Life Story quilts into straitjackets or something similar!! Upcycling extraordinaire x