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Dressmaking - Merchant and Mills Trapeze dress

I had a couple of metres of this double gauze fabric in my cupboard. I'd bought it without any clear idea of what I'd use it for; it was lovely and drapey but the gauze itself was a little tricky to sew as the weave was very loose!

I also bought the M&M Trapeze dress pattern a few months ago, and it struck me that this material would be just the job to hang nicely with the wide swingy nature of the dress. It took between 3 and 4 hours to make and was really easy. The body is in 3 pieces - 1 front and 2 back - the sleeves have an inset at the cuff which gives them a lovely line. The facings on the neck are in 2 pieces and fitted the neck exactly.

I made the pattern shorter at the cutting out stage, but still decided it was too long on me so ended up taking about 8 inches off altogether. Perhaps a short dress or tunic is what I've ended up with, but the full size swamped me.

I'm wearing it today and it feels great!