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Fabric shops - a couple of useful links

New fabric and patterns.

I've bought some sweatshirting for the pdf cardigan pattern I downloaded. As you can see I got a bit carried away but couldn't resist the lovely orange and gold of the other fabrics. I also bought 2 new patterns to have a go at.

A local shopkeeper gave me the names of 2 dressmaking shops that have a wide selection of fabrics. Neither are particularly cheap (I'd really recommend a visit to the rag market in Birmingham for value for money) but they did have some good quality brands and modern colourways.

I'm sharing them with you because out of curiosity you might like a look, and they both do online sales (no affiliations, just for fun)  Here's a link to the Guthrie and Ghani blog which has tips and ideas. This shop is in Moseley - a lovely part of Brum

The second recommendation given to me was The Fabric Godmother  I've had a look at the shop and the blog and will be visiting online fairly soon - after I've used up a little bit of my existing stash! They seem to have a very wide range to choose from.


  1. I have read quite a bit of your "Older Posts". I recognize many finished pieces from Instagram but I really enjoyed reading the process. Also the Karen Stamper link. I think your pieces were brilliant!!

    1. Thanks again Beth, and thank you for reading. The collage pieces are really quick to do and it's lovely to sit down and do something that is not going to take ages and allows you to work in a free way. I recommend it if you haven't tried it already. I haven't quite got the effects I want yet but will definitely keep going with these.