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Non watercolour, watercolour flowers

From an idea by Design Matters TV  (If you go to the home page you can find out about all sorts of stuff - there are some free videos too)

I've not tried watercolours lately (I had a brief experimental spell about 20 years ago, but it didn't work out!) and felt rather inspired after Linda's workshop and itched to have a go.

Well, you know me, I didn't have the right paints, and no watercolour paper, but that didn't stop me. It was pouring with rain but I donned my new mac (100% absolutely waterproof) and toddled to WHSmiths shop to buy some paper - they didn't have any watercolour paints and anyway, it's a bit near the end of the month to be indulging in a lot at this stage.

So I thought I'd try hi-flow acrylics.  These paints have a very high pigment content and are water soluble. They stain the paper immediately, so the trick is to wet the paper with clear water or dilute paint first, and then drop the paint in with the tip of your brush using undiluted colour. The results are very vibrant!!

Photos aren't always accurate, and the area on the right is very shiny as it's gold leaf.  Call this one an experiment; the brain is brewing a thought or two about this idea. As a beautiful watery, sploshy, deliciously coloured watercolour painting, I know this leaves a lot to be desired, but it's a start and I'll try again soon.

Update - 2nd go, still not the effect I'm after. 

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