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My last post about the Stylearc tunic top explains how I got on with the pattern, but I did add an extra step - understitching - here and there. Here's a step by step about how to do that so you can improve how facings/pockets etc sit a bit better.

Understitching is a line of sewing that doesn't show on the front of the garment but holds facings flat.

1) Attach your facing in the normal way (below: a neck facing stitched to the neck of a tunic top) Press the seams towards the facing. It's easier to do this from the right sides.  The neck facing and seams will then be together and away from the rest of the tunic etc.

Pin the facing to the seam behind it to keep it all from moving when you sew.

From the front, sew along the facing and through the seams. Keep as close to the edge as you can.  I have used an 1/8 inch seam but it can be bigger if it's easier. I use that little red dot on the machine foot as a guide.

You will end up with this. Your new second row of stitching will be below your seamline.

Fold over and press. Your new sewing will be on the inside and won't show on the front.

Excuse the odd colour of this photo!! Here you can see the neckline after pressing with the understitching tucked to the inside. This means the facings will be kept in place and the finish is much neater.

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