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Pomegranite collage part 2

So you know that you have to kiss an awful lot of frogs to find a prince don't you??? Well apparently it's the same with collage - it's obviously going to take me lots of goes to get something useful, but that's what sketchbooks are for and I'm ok with sharing my failures!

Things I really liked about it: I liked the idea of having a separate shape in the layout which could be a focal point or just be an area of difference. I liked the balance of an offset shape and the addition of interest at one side. I liked the madness of the background texture.

Where I think I could improve: lesson the madness of the background texture. I should have concentrated and not gone down a well worn path and realized less is more. Use a graphic instead of a cut out image, and make sure it has some interest of itself ie a sketch/print. Make the side interest relate to the main image. Be a bit more delicate!

I started off with this:

Adding background papers 

Adding gesso

 Adding ink and posca pens

Adding paints to redo the pomegranite which looks more like an orange ball! No time to do anything meaningful here as I decided to abandon and try again.

Close up of background textures.

Finished thing!


  1. Sometimes it's so disappointing it is difficult to call it quits but start again. Wonderful outcome!!

    1. I have started another piece-it helps I think to imagine I am doing a piece that was going to be transferred into stitch. Somehow I just think differently when I do that!

  2. Beautiful, worth the revisions. xoxo

  3. I love the texture and the colors in the background. It just cries out to be touched. The pomegranate is luscious and I like the blue aura around it, as if it was in a snow globe.

    1. I have another subject matter for the next one which is a portrait in parts, but I need to give a bit of thought to what else goes on. Got caught up with other things though but may have a bit of time before Xmas prep. x