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Stir up Sunday

We made our Christmas puds on Sunday and I spent most of Monday boiling them! Here's my recipe.

I've exhausted myself making a few more hand painted cards in the pen and ink wash too. Once you've done one, it's easy to trace the outlines for inking over - the wash just takes a few moments. The problem is not it's difficulty but the boredom of doing the same things over and over!

Have you ever heard of cotton reel art? Pinterest is full of images of people who've done the most amazing things with them - scissor stands, pin cushions, decorative trees and flowers. They key to success I think is to use old fashioned cotton reels - I have several. I began to see if you could decorate them by adding felt and ironing on bondawebbed fabrics that were cut with the Xcut press. It worked well, but no idea what I'll do with them. The robin one would make a good Christmas decoration, so maybe a Christmas tree will emerge. Don't like the flowery ones much as I think they'll look better with the cotton on show instead.

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