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Liesl top with Nani Iro fabric

A while ago I treated myself to some orange/rust coloured fabric by Nani Iro. It's linen, and along both selvedges there is a small flower pattern in a grey/blue.

I thought I'd make myself something new to wear and chose the Liesl & Co Gallery Tunic and Dress.

I've made this before a few times and have now altered the pattern to increase the area over the bust, shorten it, and reduce the shoulder size! I might need to trace this onto something more permanent.

The cutting out was a little tricky as I wanted to get the selvedge patterning at the bottom of my tunic, on the cuffs, and on the collar. Turned out it was quite doable, although it took time to get it all out in the 2 metres I'd bought. Here's the results!