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Artists Trading Cards 1 - monoprint with Caligo ink

If you look in the sidebar, you'll see a couple of places that I find inspirational. One is Linda and Laura Kemshall and the other is Dan Tirels.

Linda and Laura do online arts and crafts videos, and Dan Tirels specializes in monoprint (amongst other things). I know from Linda that there is a DMTV video coming up shortly about Artists' Trading Cards which I know nothing about, so I googled.

What a fun idea!. Using some of Dan's techniques this afternoon, I had a go! I used 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch mixed media paper cut from a large pad, and Caligo printing inks.

They're not supposed to take you too long - less than 15 mins - or you might not want to give them away!!

Here's my process:

Adding scraps of paper to the ATC

Inking up a piece of freezer bag using caligo inks and a spatula

Pressing the inked bag over the card and rubbing lightly.

Using a piece of kitchen towel to gently rub the edges of the shapes to help them blend in.

I then reapplied the inked bag gently, and used the end of the paintbrush to score lines across the card. See above.

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