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New sketchbook course

We are approaching nearly 4 months of lockdown in the UK, and I'm so thankful that I have an interest in all things artistic. It engages the brain and keeps me busy - I worry that if I stop for too long I'll end up on the chaise longue drinking gin. This is unlikely as I don't have either to hand, but you know what I mean!

G has encouraged (I was going to say goaded but thought better of it) me into a loooong walk each day, and as the spring was glorious, it's been wonderful in many ways. However, he has very long legs and walks quickly so for me it's more like a route march. I have said that I would like to speak to the management about this, and that I have flat feet and a note from my mum, but he can't seem to walk more slowly!!

I digress. I have, as a way of recording things for posterity, and to give me direction and stimulation, signed up for a new sketchbook course with Linda and Laura Kemshall (link in sidebar). Their videos, and website are great and I have had many years of inspiration from them (there are some free videos if you want something for nothing!!)  You also get lots of help and support from them along the way, which is fabulous because they're really nice people to talk to.

I'm hoping for great things of course and will post the odd photo of my work, but obviously I can't share anything more than that - course materials and techniques are naturally for those on the courses only.

So above is a snippet of the beginning of what I'm doing. Fingers crossed I can keep going (part of being on a course that costs money is that you have reasonable motive if all else fails). I'm feeling inspired and excited so it should be a doddle right, and I won't need a letter from anyone!

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