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Sketchbook course - blue bowl and perfume bottle

I haven't finished this yet - it has text to add and something yet unthought of to bring the elements together. I also should try and remember to gesso the pages before painting as the paper is too absorbent when paint is applied direct. It's doable but needs 2 layers of acrylic.

Sketchbook course - collaged flower vases

I've grown a lot of Californian poppies this year and they've filled the garden with bright orange. This sketchbook challenge was about collage using printed and painted papers.

Sketchbook course posting 7, using printed papers and colour.

I'm back after a short break, and have resumed my sketchbook course.

The garden is full of flowers and I would like to record a few of them over the coming weeks as they are integral to the theme of 'My Place' .

This page was made by collaging some previously printed papers. I've used tissue/deli paper and the gelli plate to get these effects.

The thing I've learned from this sketchbook page is that the colour combinations are a good starting point. The drawing effects are easy and there's lots of similar examples eg Robert Kushner whose work I love - but it's the colour palette which makes the difference.

More ATC's

I've found that this is a fabulous thing to do with children. There are all sorts of papers, cards and plastic sleeves to put the artwork onto and into, which means they can be carried around and kept safely to swap with friends. Try a theme, like cats!!

sketchbook course - posting 5

I'm coming back to these pages later on in the course and will be adding other things and colour to bring the pages together.

Yesterday I worked on rubbings and used both card and wire. It might be a little different to other people's work who are taking the course, but I love the gesso over the graphite - it makes such a lovely painterly blur!!

Butter knife and fruit spoon.


Sketchbook course - posting 4

Decorative page edge

Self portrait, lifting tones from a page covered in graphite using a rubber. Edges sharpened with pencil.