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sketchbook course - posting 5

I'm coming back to these pages later on in the course and will be adding other things and colour to bring the pages together.

Yesterday I worked on rubbings and used both card and wire. It might be a little different to other people's work who are taking the course, but I love the gesso over the graphite - it makes such a lovely painterly blur!!

Butter knife and fruit spoon.



  1. I'm enjoying looking at your sketches. I also bought the workshop years ago and only got half way through. I actually scheduled in going back to the sketchbook yesterday but then "life" happened. Thanks for your work!! Maybe this weekend!

    1. I'm enjoying it Beth - it's something structured to do when all around is still a bit uncertain. I'm following the course step by step which is quite an exercise in itself, as I always want to add more. I will come back and do that I expect, probably to add colour and pattern.