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sketch of ami in 8b pencil on cartridge paper. bellabow.studio

This year, I grew ammi. It was quite a struggle to keep them alive and stop them being eaten by slugs and snails when they were small. They grew quite slowly and then when they were nearly fully grown they began to either turn yellow or collapse. A bit of staking and pruning later, and they've now begun to flower. They have large white head made up of clusters of smaller ones, in turn made up of clusters of tiny white flowers.  To be honest, I don't think they were worth the effort and think plain simple cow parsley might have been less fuss. However they are interesting to draw! Sketchbook, 2b and 8b pencils on cartridge paper.

Yesterday I also made the Liesl & Co Maritime Knit Top. It looks like a simple stretch jersey type tee, and it was simple to make and the instructions were easy to follow. Trouble is, either it or I must be a very peculiar shape. The shoulders were large, the bust ok, but the fit over the hips wasn't good. There are side vents but they don't really help with what is essentially too little material over the hips. Granted, these days I'm more like a lollipop in shape, but other tops fit ok. Whatever, it's ended it's life in the bin. What a waste of lovely fabric.


  1. Lovely drawing. Shame about the top not working out!

  2. Yep, you can't win them all!! I think it's just about finding the right pattern for me, and I haven't yet. When I do, I'll be making loads of them x