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Berlin Jacket finished, and 2 more tops

I suppose because I've noticed that the nights are drawing in very slowly, my thoughts have turned to autumn and the chance to make some slightly warmer new clothes.

The Berlin Jacket (Tessuti fabrics)

I really, really like this one - something I don't say that often! I especially like the way the collar sits proud of the neck.

A really simple, quick make - the only problem being getting my head around the fact that the seams are on the outside; a first for me.

The instructions are printed in A4 format with a lovely lady modelling the jacket on the front cover. The fact that she looked a similar age and shape made me think this might do for me. I've posed in my sunglasses and in the same sort of way for fun.

The pattern itself is printed on large pieces of good quality white paper with multi-sizes with black lines. The layouts for cutting are on the back pattern piece. Because the seams show on the outside, you can only use certain materials that don't fray, and mine is a beautiful orangey boiled wool.

Take great care when pining the fabric and use lots of them as the line you cut will be the line that shows. Go slowly and try and avoid jumps or nicks or you will get a lumpy edge to your seams. There are no notches for the same reason, they would show on the outside of your coat. Pattern markings - and there aren't many - have to be chalked on.

The pattern instructions were very good indeed with lots of photographs to help you identify the right and wrong sides and how to piece together. Seams were made by marking 3/8" on one edge with pins, and laying the other pattern piece up to the pin line. The sewing line was in the middle of the overlap. I found myself getting confused occasionally and would have been at a bit of a loss if it weren't for the excellent photos.

As an extra I added free machined lines to the pocket tops, the front edges and the cuffs. Definitely worth the time to make the coat a little different.

The other 2 tops I've made are below. One pattern is of my own devising and is in a lovely cherry red linen, and a blue striped cotton top from Sew Over It (the Whitley top). The latter pattern didn't seem to have a great deal of ease in it so is a close fit. It's ok but may have been better in a more drapey or thinner fabric. A big plus though is that they will print the pdf download for you and it includes pattern pieces for different sized busts. Brilliant.