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Seed pods

I'm continuing in my sketchbook today, but in a looser way than previous pages where I've concentrated on drawing - which I love doing! I will go back to them later and add a bit of something or other to liven things up a bit.

Seed pods are always good to draw and as part of my continuing Creative Sketchbooks course I've been revisiting some early drawings of the seed heads that abound in my pond at this time of year.

I picked a handful of them from the pond (yuck, a bit slimey) and decided that rather than drawing them again, I'd print some papers inspired by their shapes which are quite simple.  Below is a gelli plate which has been rollered with blue and turquoise open acrylics, and drawn into with a small paintbrush.

Gelli plate printing is like making pancakes. The first one or two are never the best - you just have to keep going and hope there's something useable in the pile at the end.

Auditioning papers in my sketchbook. I'm going to cover this with many layers of other things, so this isn't in any way resolved yet. BTW, I like the way the light tissue paper crinkles when you stick it to the page as it makes lovely texture when you cover it with other things and then scrape back.


  1. I was wondering if you were still on Pinterest - I used to follow you but can only find your blog. Diane from Leeds

    1. Hello Diane. Thanks for getting in touch; I closed my Instagram account recently but am still on Pinterest.