Portrait or landscape?

Back to the sketchbook today - I spent enough time working in a tiny format yesterday!

I'm thinking about another textile piece from my latest sketchbook (course link above) and have been looking at suitable work and have realised that I sometimes overfill my sketchbook pages. When I do a painting or a print on canvas or paper, I seem to instinctively use a portrait format; I can place a focal point etc more easily and it seems more harmonious. 

But in a sketchbook you can fill one page as you would a painting - say A4 portrait of a pear - but it's faced with another blank page, and I'm not keen on that! I like to have both pages filled which means switching to a landscape format, which I treat differently. Here's that pear again which I was happy with but will now have to connect it with the left hand page in some way - borders help to reduce the space needing to be filled but what would have been fine as a painting, I can't live with in the sketchbook. 

Interesting - well I agree, probably to me only!

Btw, I'm loving how I can suddenly translate the textures and print of my collages and sketchbook pages into textiles. A different direction for me and I wouldn't have got to this stage without doing my sketchbook course, so that's very exciting.


So what about the textile piece? Probably something along the lines of this one, a Robert Kushner inspired one! 

Or this one.

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