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The Quilt as a Canvas #4 finished.

Well, almost, it still has to have a binding. It's in the series The Quilt as a Canvas and is an experimental piece. It's not for exhibition or anything, just made for the fun of it. It will probably be added to the stash in the garage, but if anyone out there likes it, it is available for a donation to a bowel cancer charity. Email me on bellabow.studio@gmail.com if you want to know more. I thought about £100?? but open to offers.

It comes directly from a sketchbook page from the course that I'm on run by Linda and Laura Kemshall (link at top of this posting) and owes much to them, especially Laura's crosses! I don't normally sell quilts much but thought this might be a way of raising a tiny bit for a charity that I know is close to Laura's heart.

110cms x 90cms 
Cotton own dyed fabrics, heavy machine stitching, paint.

The quilt has now sold. Thank you very much!!! 

This quilt is slightly experimental. It's a translation of a sketchbook page into a quilt.

Here's the sketchbook page:

Here's some detailed shots.