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The Tip Field


Many years ago I had an idea for some work based on the life of a field throughout the year. I called it the Tip Field because its a small piece of open land next to the Tip and the sewage works. Sounds delightful doesn't it? The other sides are bordered by river and the railway line to Birmingham. It doesn't really have a name and is just known for the footpath that goes through the middle of it.

If you think about it, the inspiration and possibilities are huge. Think of all that flora and fauna in the field and river and the endless possibility for design from the shapes of buildings and transport infrastructure. 

I began but didn't finish and put the idea on hold as you do. I've been a bit crook lately with a bad back and have been keeping myself occupied as it helps enormously to do arts and crafts as a diversion and therapy. Takes your mind off things. I came across these little books a couple of days ago which were to be part of the project and which were going to be displayed as a "library" in the finished 3D piece. 

So, why not take up where I left off and see how I get on? I'm going to start filling out the books and will add more books too if I manage to fill these 4. I thought some of those atc ones might be cool! 
I'll leave the rest of my ideas for another day. Pace yourself Mrs R!

A larger version done ages ago A1 size on paper - much better than the tiny one above but you can't get the same detail in miniature.

And a bee!


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    1. Thank you Laura!! Something to do amongst the other things that inspire and fill my wonderful days. It's good to be able to take up and do different things every day!