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Adding paint to the sketchbook - workshop 2

This is turning out to be a cracking little course!! I've just watched the second video which is about adding paint to the sketchbook pages.

The explanations are lovely and clear with lots of fab details and examples as well as demonstrations. If you were a beginner, or experienced but wanted to try something new, or just to do something different in lockdown, I'd recommend this. It's a step by step process, so the picture below is not the finished article - it will have very many more layers added I've no doubt! The section on the left was a printed paper I'd stuck into the sketchbook; I then added watery acrylic paints allowing them to flow and drip. The right hand page has been torn to be shorter than the other pages, and I've let the paint run over to give a splash on the underlying page.

Other pages are more vibrant as I ladle on the colour in spades!

At the moment I'm following Laura closely on the painting thing, using similar colours in a limited palette. But, lucky old me was given this lovely box of acrylic paints and mediums as a birthday present and it has everything I need in it including a shot of shocking pink. Perfect!

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  1. You're right, this is a cracking little course. Perfect for anyone no matter what their experience!!