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Sketchbook Challenge, workshop 3

This week Laura took us through stencils, rubbings, focal points and lots of other things too. It's difficult not to get carried away and resolve each page as you go by filling them up! There are 8 workshops in the course so plenty of space needs to be left to add upcoming ideas to the pages.

A series of pages bringing the blue across for balance. Rubbings and stencils.

A couple of slices of photos had welded themselves to a piece of paper that was a bit pritt-sticky, so I left them and coloured around them before sticking the sheet into the left hand side of my book.

Quink on gesso

Acrylic paint.

At crack of dawn earlier in the week we had this lovely sunrise, which I photographed and stuck into my book. I added washes and colour using acrylics and glazing medium. Not sure I've left enough to do here but will come back to it later I expect to see what can be added/taken away.

This is the photo taken at dawn.


  1. it is great to see someone else's take on the workshops. Beautiful

  2. I love what you are doing Annabel! That sunrise spread was brilliant and I had to laugh about the photo scraps which put themselves in the book. Too funny!

    1. Thank you Beth. Yep, I just picked up the paper scrap and saw them stuck there, and had a flash of "what-ifs". Funny how these things happen isn't it?