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Trying out pan pastels

A while ago I bought a set of pan pastels (the same as normal pastels but in a plastic cup rather than a stick). It was a must-have buy at the time, but I never really used them. In the spirit of investigation, I photocopied a drawing from my sketchbook onto normal printer paper, and used the pastels with their sponge applicator to add colour over the print.

I quite like the effect! And it was very simple and quick to do.

Another new sketchbook?

 Thankfully there's no law that says you must finish one before starting another!! 🤣❤️

Starting 2021 with pen and wash


Where I live, we're in Tier 4 which is a lockdown in all but name. The spring one was better as the weather was fab and we could get out and walk in the fresh air. This time round it's cold and grey, and the days are becoming longer and longer. I'm searching round for things to do between mealtimes and bedtimes!

I'm given the odd flight of fancy that tells me that I like watercolours, and I grab the necessary paint and sail forth in hope of great things. It never works out quite like that! I lack the delicacy and light touch needed to get a watery luscious effect.

However, always travelling in hope, I thought I'd start 2021 with a spot of pen and wash, and set up a still life selection to draw. 

I used pencil to start with and then outlined with pen, before rubbing out the pencil lines.

There's one or two mistakes in this, but it's in a sketchbook (brand new Christmas present, A5 landscape with watercolour paper) and by-and-large is ok.

Here's the wash bit. Bit dull colour wise but I reckon it's an alright start to 2021. The tones come from the pen marks rather than the paint itself, and I've used a mixture of stippling and cross hatching. The wash is kept simple so that huge painterly skill isn't needed.....apparently!